Manufacturers of the highest quality 4 wheel wooden dolly in America for OVER 30 years.
Industrial quality dollies used by the moving and furniture delivery industries.

SOLD DIRECT From The USA Manufacturer To You!

1476 East 222nd Street, Bronx, NY 10469
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All MSH supplied casters are high quality, industrial casters with interchangeable, industry standard, “A” plates.

Chicago Dolly

Rubber Capped Dollies

Standard Carpeted Dolly

Jumbo Dolly

Plain Top Dolly

Long Rail Dolly

"H" Frame Dolly

Platform Dolly

Desk Riser

Moldon rubber casters - Our most popular style dolly caster

Rubber on aluminum casters - Our best quality, easiest rolling caster

3 in. Hard rubber casters - Low cost caster for carpeted, plain top,
and long rail dollies

4 in. Hard rubber casters - Standard caster for our wooden frame dollies

The Lawn Rover Dolly

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Moldon rubber casters - Our most popular style dolly caster

These soft rubber "TPR" casters feature double ball race swivel. The hard poly core gives the wheel a good capacity while still giving a "soft rubber" ride. Some customers prefer the 3 1/2" size on the Chicago dolly due to ease of stacking. 300lb. capacity per caster.

Pros - Quiet and smooth running.

Cons - Somewhat lower capacity and shorter tread life than hard rubber wheels.

an additional $2.00 over standard 4" casters.

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